Delays – security

Delays – security

An optimal organization to reduce the waiting time

sortie entre celibataire à salon de provence The Clinic’s organization as an integrated centre reduces the waiting time. The consultation, exploration and anesthesia consultation can be done in a reduced timeframe, often the same day. A large part of the medical examinations whether there are invasive or non-invasive acts are digitalized. This ensures the results are available immediately.

femme seule à combs-la-ville Because the information is centralized, scheduling a procedure can be done in the shortest timeframe possible.

Technology and techniques for more safety

Jammalamadugu The security is ensured by the personnel’s skills, the composition of the medical staff, the equipments and the facilities as well as the organization and the procedures. Safety is a key stake during the Accreditation process. This Accreditation is indeed subordinated to a risk management policy:

“The health care organization initiates, leads and maintains a quality policy based on quality management and risk prevention.

There is a quality management process in place which takes into account the customers’ needs. Quality management makes it possible to control processes, jobs and documents.

There is a risk prevention program. The effectiveness of the quality management and risk prevention program is evaluated”.


The medical staff is composed of:






Three operating rooms: Two surgery rooms and one laser room

One post-intervention care unit with intensive care equipment

Individual preparation and post-operation lounges



Intensive care equipment

Anesthesia equipment



For any surgery act, invasive exploration act or invasive therapeutic act an anesthesiologist is present.

For any children undergoing a general anesthesia, 2 intensive care anesthesiologists are present.



Our security procedures are elaborated, applied and analyzed.