Specialized consultations

Specialized consultations


Illkirch-Graffenstaden Questionnaire, audiometry, tinnitus measurement, hyperacusis and masking check-up, psychological assessment, prosthetic assessment, retraining therapy supplemented by a dental and neurological check-up.

Deafness checkup

Udipi Tonal and free field audiometry, otoacoustic emissions test, hearing aid expertise, brainstem auditory response test, speech audiometry, dichotic speech assesment, temporal discrimination.


http://blog.lepanyol.com/?neoparabilnaya=site-de-rencontre-haut-de-gamme-suisse&71f=f5 Otoscopic and otoneurological clinical examination, videonystagmoscopy, audiometry, auditory evoked potentials, videonystagmography supplemented, if necessary, by a radiological exam(Scan, MRI).

Facial paralysis

Otoneurological examination, otoscopy, audiometry, auditory evoked potentials, possibly supplemented by an electroneuronography and a radiological exam (CT, MRI).

Rhino-sinusitis – polyps

Nasal endoscopy, high resolution scanner of the sinus, allergy tests, supplemented by respiratory function test; polysomnogram, dental check.

Dysphonia (voice problems)

Laryngoscopy, laryngeal video-stroboscopy, speech language pathology check-up.

Snoring and apnea

Rhinosinusitis check-up, oropharyngeal examination, polysomnogram supplemented by a dietary analysis, radiological maxillofacial exploration.