Specialized consultations

Specialized consultations


rencontre avec telephone Questionnaire, audiometry, tinnitus measurement, hyperacusis and masking check-up, psychological assessment, prosthetic assessment, retraining therapy supplemented by a dental and neurological check-up.

Deafness checkup

la teste de buch club celibataire Tonal and free field audiometry, otoacoustic emissions test, hearing aid expertise, brainstem auditory response test, speech audiometry, dichotic speech assesment, temporal discrimination.


rencontre chaude abbeville Otoscopic and otoneurological clinical examination, videonystagmoscopy, audiometry, auditory evoked potentials, videonystagmography supplemented, if necessary, by a radiological exam(Scan, MRI).

Facial paralysis

Otoneurological examination, otoscopy, audiometry, auditory evoked potentials, possibly supplemented by an electroneuronography and a radiological exam (CT, MRI).

Rhino-sinusitis – polyps

Nasal endoscopy, high resolution scanner of the sinus, allergy tests, supplemented by respiratory function test; polysomnogram, dental check.

Dysphonia (voice problems)

Laryngoscopy, laryngeal video-stroboscopy, speech language pathology check-up.

Snoring and apnea

Rhinosinusitis check-up, oropharyngeal examination, polysomnogram supplemented by a dietary analysis, radiological maxillofacial exploration.