Since the clinic was founded, the facility’s healthcare professionals have implemented a quality process that privileges this element at the expense of an activity maybe more important in volume. This desire is reflected in how the patient is welcomed, examined, informed eventually operated with an efficient coordination of the different professionals.



The clinic has several medical fields: consultations and surgery, operating room, anesthesia, as well as the administration and logistics departments. There is no catering or laundry service as only single-use clothes are used.

rencontre sexy à longjumeau I. PATIENTS AND PATIENT CARE

1. Patient rights and information

2. Patient records

3. Organization of patient care


http://artefact-mag.com/wp-includes/blocks/table/int/tmpl/ II. MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION IN THE SERVICE OF THE PATIENT

1. Management of the health care organization and activity sectors

2. Management of human resources

3. Management of logistics

4. Management of the information system


stains rencontre adulte coquine III. QUALITY AND PREVENTION

1. Quality management and risk prevention

2. Specific prevention programmers and transfusion safety

3. Monitoring, prevention and control of the risk of infection