Facial Scanner

Facial Scanner

The Clinique Roosevelt is equipped with a Newtom VG Scanner, the vertical evolution of the Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Scanner.

CBCT Scanner is a compact, faster and safer version of the regular CT.

Through the use of a cone shaped X-Ray beam, the size of the scanner, radiation dosage and time needed for scanning are all dramatically reduced.

The time needed for a full scan is typically under one minute and the radiation dosage is up to a hundred times less than that of a regular CT scanner.


It can therefore be achieved on  cherche gay sur athis mons children and allows a  San Juan de Colón real-time diagnostics during the consultation for  A Coruña disorders of the face,  sinus, ear and temporomandibular joint.

The operating principle of the CBCT is based on the technology of cone beam X-ray and a flat panel receptor (200 mm X 250 mm).

An X-ray tube generates a conical X-ray beam towards the sensor plane. The assembly is mounted on a motorized arm which rotates about an axis. The skull of the patient is positioned in the center of rotation.

Two positioning lasers allow the user to perfectly position the patient. This focus is further refined by the “scout view” that realizes a face and profile exposure.

The exam can begin; the patient must remain still for 18 seconds. The user can monitor the image acquisition on its screen. The arm rotates around the patient.

NewTom VGI takes an image at every degree of rotation, 360° rotation = 360 images, increasing the range of possibilities for image manipulation. Thus, one rotation (360 degrees) is enough to record the whole “raw data”.

From this database the user can reconstruct axial cuts by choosing the number, thickness, spacing and angle of the cuts in the area of its choice (sinus, ear, jaw or mandible).

The user can then, from a reconstructed axial cut, launch secondary reconstructions following transaxial cuts, in sagittal or coronal as well as panoramic planes.

3D reconstruction: from a single exam, playing with the settings, it is possible to obtain different 3D images.