Clinique Roosevelt Presentation

Ophthalmologic and ENT surgery

Clinique Roosevelt Presentation

Carcar The Clinique Roosevelt, centrally located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, is an autonomous specialized ambulatory centre, dedicated to Ophthalmologic and ENT surgery.

cormeilles en parisis rencontre d un soir The Clinic offers 3 types of medical services: consultations, functional explorations and surgery. The consultation area ranges from the simplest medical examination to a thorough check-up. The surgical area is composed of 3 operating rooms, one of which dedicated to refractive laser surgery.

rencontres femmes 92 The Medical team provides medical care, diagnosis and treatment of any ophthalmologic and ENT pathologies excluding oncology.

Thanks to the full integration of the three areas: consultation-exploration-surgery, waiting time is extremely short which allows patient travelling from France or abroad to get a full check-up and to receive medical care very efficiently.

The Clinique Roosevelt Code of Ethics

The Clinique Roosevelt combines in one private site the skills, the equipments and the organization necessary to the practice of the Otorhinolaryngology and Ophthalmology specialties. The Clinic is indeed one of the best-equipped specialized structures.

Our team is committed to constantly improve the quality of hospitality, diagnoses and treatments. To reach that goal a medical committee meets up regularly to take stock on the objectives and their implementation, to ensure that regulations are complied with at all times as well as to ensure that all the medical staff provides the highest level of healthcare. Each professional commits to follow our “Quality Process” in terms of scientific information and practice.

The traceability of the medical acts and procedures is ensured and checked on-site regularly by the administrative supervisor. As part of the successive steps for Accreditation, each member of the team is involved in at least one workshop. The Clinic was accredited in 2004 (V1) and re-accredited in 2008 (V2) after the review of a benchmark composed of 300 guidelines and an on-site experts’ visit of 4 days who effectively controlled the procedures and their full implementation.

The Clinic respects the cultural diversity, dignity and rights of each patient. The information provided to the patient is particularly exhaustive before, during and after the treatment. A satisfaction survey is systematically offered to any patient that had a surgery. This survey is regularly analyzed. A suggestion box is also available on-site in order to gather the suggestions or critiques.

The Clinic complies with a strict Quality Process.
The fee charged is communicated before any medical act.
The “cooling-off” period is adapted to the patient. Other opinions might be requested so that the patients have the opportunity to make an informed choice.